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New Black Owned Makeup Brand: KoyVoca Cosmetics

I want to come to show you some gems I stumbled upon, KoyVoca Cosmetics. As I said, they have some real GEMS. This Makeup brand is a Black Owned makeup brand that caters to EVERY skin tone. They have 21 different shades for you to choose from and they also provide SAMPLES. How dope is that? They are a newer brand on the market and let me say I just KNOW they are going to blow up. I recently purchased the hi-life Highlighters and I. AM. OBSESSED. These highlighters are amazing. The pigmentation is BOMB, and they aren’t ultra glittery.
Additionally, they were also pretty inexpensive. I bought 2 highlighters, both retailing at $12.00 and I was not disappointed. They feel great and match my skin tone perfectly. Not only do they provide highlighters and foundation but it’s pretty much a 1 stop shop. They have contour cream, setting powder, foundation, and more. I can only hope that once they gain more customers, they will expand their products. I think it’s AMAZING that brands are being created to cater to WOC. It’s tough for us to find their correct shade a lot of the time. Sometimes the foundation is too ashy, too yellow, or it simply doesn’t exist. Concealers are too light, the nudes aren’t our shade of nude, I can go on and on. So with that being said Shout out to KoyVoca and all the other black-owned beauty brands that help us accentuate the beauty we were blessed with.

Left: Heir Right:1,000,000,000 BabeKoyVocaCosmetics


If you know any other black-owned makeup brands or any brands that cater to WOC that’s poppin drop them in the comments!
Love Always, JoJo

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