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My First MS Relapse

Hey Everyone!

First, I want to come to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those who checked on me while I was in the hospital. Those who called me texted, visited, snapped, prayed, etc. Y’all are the REAL MVPs, and I am so incredibly grateful to have such wonderful family and friends who love me through it all and were willing to stop what they were doing to make sure I was okay. I sincerely can’t thank you enough.

For those who didn’t know, let me fill you in.

I mentioned briefly about my first MS relapse in my post dedicated to MS back in March, but I didn’t realize how much of a doozy it was on my body. I had never experienced a full on MS Attack before so I didn’t know what was truly going on. The tingling in my hands was worse, I was EXHAUSTED way more often, I was in pain, etc. It’s not abnormal for me to become fatigued a little or have a tingle sensation in my hands, but this time it was too much and wasn’t going away. The tingling still hasn’t, and it’s annoying as shit, but I manage.

Anyway, I went to my doctor, she ordered some imaging and found a small active lesion on my C4 (neck). Concerning, but she informed me it was small and the inflammation should go down.


Maybe a month or so later, my eye started hurting. I don’t generally have any eye issues, so I was confused as hell. I bought all types of eyedrops trying to fix it, so I didn’t have to spend any money…#Fail. It was starting to hurt more often and give me headaches, which I typically fight naturally, but this pain wasn’t budging even with meds, so I had to see my optometrist. After pictures and tests, he found a mild case of optic neuritis. Awesome.

Simply put, it’s inflammation of the optic nerve (eye area). I had never heard of this, known anyone with it, etc. but again happy to figure out what is going on to take steps to get better. With this new knowledge, I went about my day and planned for the weekend, or so I thought.

I received a call from my Dr’s nurse, and she informs me that I need to go to the E.R.





I figured, eh it’ll take a couple hours, I’ll get what I need and go. After all, I went at 4 that afternoon. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I waited for TWELVE HOURS. TWELVE. DOCE HORAS. I WAS LIVID. (Big shout out to my daddy for staying with me until I was seen though. He was NOT leaving his baby until I was with the doctors, lol.)

So, they finally got me to a room at 5AM, and that was the beginning of my 5-day stay. While I was there they put me on Solu-Medrol, a steroid to decrease inflammation, and I’m SO GLAD they did. I feel 100 times better. My achiness is down, my tingling neck is gone, MY EYE doesn’t hurt, I have more energy, just wins all around. I know some are wondering why I didn’t say too much, but it was because I honestly didn’t want people to worry about nothing. I mean don’t get me wrong it is SOMETHING but on a smaller scale, to me anyway. The entire stay I ate, slept, blogged, I even worked because I didn’t want to be exceptionally behind. Keeping my mind on other things helped a great deal and by the time I was discharged I was TOO READY to be outside and smell the outdoors.


Related image

I’m so glad that things are getting back to normal.

All jokes aside though, I EXTREMELY blessed. EXTREMELY. My family is my everything and was my backbone the ENTIRE time. I’m so grateful for my sister Taylor. She was willing to help in any way I needed, which meant so much. I can only continue to thank GOD amid these trials I face. Thank him for a caring family, for real friends, and for keeping me. I’m not in perfect health, but it could be a lot worse. I keep saying to myself, he must know I’m a mentally and emotionally healthy individual to handle all this, but in turn, these battles are shaping me to become a better person. I’m WAY less stressed, and most importantly, it’s FORCING me to put my faith in God, not just say it. It’s a constant reminder that all is and WILL be well for me by HIM, despite the odds and that’s all I could want in this life.

I may be the only one you know, but some so many people suffer from MS. 400,000 in the U.S. and about 2.5 Million Worldwide. If able, I ask that you donate to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society This will help continue research, provide medicine, and programs for those affected. If you’re unable to give a monetary donation that’s completely understandable. Every year the NMSS hosts WALK MS. It’s fun and FREE! You can start a team or go with your organization (Shoutout to my org Sister Circle for taking me on my first walk), or your family. There are lite bits, merch to purchase and much more. To find your walk Click HereAnd To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis, please go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and click anywhere on their page to learn more.

Thank you for reading.

Love Always, JoJo♥

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