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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Singles Edition

Hello, my fellow beautiful single people! As everyone knows the big day of love is swiftly approaching us. For a couple of years, I was less than excited for Valentine’s Day because let’s be real.. I was as single as a piece of loose leaf paper. My friends had boyfriends, boos, admirers, etc…and I ... READ the POST

I’ve Been Nominated! – Sunshine Blogger Award

Big News! I got nominated for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! How cool is that? My beautiful friend, Kiaya Olivia, found out she had been nominated and in turn, she nominated me! Thank you boo (Check out her Mommy/Lifestyle Blog)! This may not be big to some, but I am so honored. The fact that someone ... READ the POST

Goal Diggin’ All 2018

IT’S HERE, 2-0-1-8. Can you believe it? Me? BARELY. It felt like 2017 came and went in a blink of an eye and tbh, I’m okay with that. My 2017 was decent, VERY DECENT. Lots of highs, some lows but I made it, and that’s what really matters right? Right. I’ve gained some friendships, ended some ... READ the POST

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone! I’ll post later today about my 2017 and what I expected for myself in 2018, but I wanted to quickly post to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this year is everything you want and more! I’m claiming 2018 to be the best yet! I hope everyone is having a fantastic time tonight ... READ the POST

In Due Time

Soooo lately, I’ve heard that I have NO Patience. Well, not exactly ZERO patience but it’s been slim to none. I feel like I used to have a lot of patience before, with life, with children, just a lot of different areas but since entering my late 20’s (THAT WAS EXCEPTIONALLY WEIRD TO SAY, ... READ the POST

Baked Honey Garlic Cauliflower

Quick Question: If you could go without one thing in your diet for the rest of your life what would it be? Sweets? Soda? Fast Food? Recently, I decided to take my health back and make some new lifestyle changes. The lifestyle change? Becoming PESCATARIAN. Yup, NO MEAT. I know, sounds crazy. The road ... READ the POST