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I ditched Whole 30 for Keto

Heyyy Everyone! Sooo remember a while back when I was super gung-ho about the whole 30 diet? I was all hyped and ready! All Ready to be summertime fine and stuff. I thought that it was going to be my sure fire way to drop these pounds, despite the restrictions… but oh how wrong I was. I was ... READ the POST

Guru Burgers & Crepes

For those who love a good burger and are visiting the Sugarland, TX area, I would definitely hit up Guru Burger and Crepes. I was introduced to this spot by my good friend and co-worker, Aliyah. We were off one day with our other co-worker Ms. Tina and decided to check it out. I’m always down to try ... READ the POST

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About PostGrad Life

This one is for my GRADUATES. YOU DID IT! It’s incredible, isn’t it? You successfully completed your undergraduate career, and you should be SO PROUD. All those late nights, tears, COFFEE, study sessions- did I say coffee? ALL of it was worth it. I know when I graduated I was on TOP of the world. ... READ the POST

My First MS Relapse

Hey Everyone! First, I want to come to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those who checked on me while I was in the hospital. Those who called me texted, visited, snapped, prayed, etc. Y’all are the REAL MVPs, and I am so incredibly grateful to have such wonderful family and friends who love me through it ... READ the POST

Hairstylist Appreciation Day

It’s Hairstylist Appreciation Day! Some of you may have known this day existed, but if you didn’t that’s okay I have your back. If you’ve known me for some time, you know I am a licensed stylist and have been since 2011. Unfortunately, I’m not practicing right now but I still want to celebrate the ... READ the POST

What Are Your Hopes For Your Blog?

Man, I made it to the LAST day. I only have 45 mins left, but at least I did it. To answer this question really quickly, the hope I truly have for this blog is to touch SOMEONE. I’ve gone through a lot, and I KNOW there’s someone who can relate to me and vice versa. If my blog never got super ... READ the POST